Reading Nation Magazine for Book Lovers and Book Readers!

Readers and Book Lovers: Stay in the Know of book releases and author interviews with this online magazine! Editor Mandy Haynes of Reading Nation Magazine. Welcome Readers, Book Lovers, and Authors My name is Mandy Haynes, and I am the creator, designer, editor, and publisher of READING NATION MAGAZINE. I’m also the Executive Director of The International […]

Reading Nation Magazine for Book Lovers and Book Readers!

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My name is Mandy Haynes, and I’m originally from Nashville, Tennessee. Currently living life on an island off the east coast with my three rescued terriers – Moe, Curly, and Pearl - and Albert, my turtle. I am the author of two short story collections - Walking the Wrong Way Home and Sharp as a Serpent's Tooth Eva and Other Stories, and a novella, Oliver. I'm also the editor of the anthology, Work In Progress. I write literary fiction with a southern drawl. I’m a professional eavesdropper, bonafide runaway, textile artist, freelance writer, and the Editor in Chief of WELL READ Magazine.

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