“Sugar Baby and Other Stories exists because of the artistic majesty that is Mandy Haynes. Her inspiration and input have been invaluable and without them I never would have stepped out of my box. Not only did she tell me this could be done, she showed me how to do it and created the stunning cover for the book. I would raise a glass to her anywhere, anytime because she deserves every single cheer and great word. ” – River Jordan, author of The Ancient Way, Confessions of a Christian Mystic, Gin Girl, Saints in Limbo

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ When I learned that Mandy could help me with formatting my husband’s memoir, I was thrilled! It’s very personal and only for our daughters, sons-in-law and our grandchildren. I had tried to follow the detailed formatting DYI directions from a website, called local printers, and searched the internet. I was overwhelmed with the precision required to create the file for the printer. Not only was she able to format the interior pages to create a “REAL” book but she created a Table of Contents! and positioned the photos and images to align correctly with the text! And she designed a cover. A few covers, actually, some very creative! We chose this simple cover because he’s not a fancy guy. Mandy is a creative angel who fell in love with the project and did an amazing job. The cost was very reasonable. lt is such a special gift. I highly recommend Mandy if you want to turn a memory into a work of art.” Eileen Sanchez

“Coaching any kind of art form is a delicate matter. Actually, I prefer to call them HeART-forms. There is a dance that occurs between the technically skilled adult-self and the young, tender, infinitely creative child-self when we make art. Imagination and Intuition express themselves through a vulnerable and wide-open place within us. That is why, when I was looking for a writing coach, as I embark on transitioning from having written five non-fiction books, to the long, inventive, brave world of the novel, I wanted to find someone who would be insightful, give me new perspective, smart non-projected ideas, fresh eyes, witness my process, and do so in a nurturing and productive way. After having read Mandy Haynes’ fantastic short story-collections, and observing her in the many ways she supports fellow writers, I knew in every cell of my being that I needed to reach out to her.  My time with Mandy has been exactly what I was looking for. As an example, I was struggling with deciding on the narrative voice for my novel, and she thought out of the box, and retrieved an idea that I had discarded. She re-awakened it again within me and set my mistrust aside. I knew immediately that she was right. I breathed her idea in fully. I could feel the juicy creative force rise up in me immediately, and bypass my doubting mind. All the bones of my novel’s structure came together with her suggestions. I hope to continue this brave venture with Mandy as my Sherpa. I highly recommend her as a guide for your writer’s adventure. She will not disappoint.”  Ruthie Landis- author, therapist, coach

“If you’re in the market for graphics to showcase your work as an author, you’ve come to the right place. Mandy Haynes can turn your images and information into eye-catching designs that you can post on all the different social media outlets. Each platform requires a different format and sizing, and Mandy knows how to take your raw data and turn it into attractive images that will fit your needs. At an affordable price, I received fourteen images which Mandy labeled for specific places like FB cover, FB post, LinkedIn banner, Instagram post, Twitter banner, Twitter post, and website. And Mandy’s turnaround time is exceptional. Mandy wears many hats, including author, and Editor-in-Chief of the new READING NATION MAGAZINE. She’s honest, trustworthy, and one of the hardest working women I know. Need a graphic for your book, you’ve come to the right place. ~ Kathleen M. Rodgers, author of The Flying Cutterbucks 

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