Have you ever finished a book and wondered, “What made the author think of that?” Or wondered if there was a chapter in the original manuscript that didn’t make it through the final edits? Maybe you’d like to get a sneak peek at what an author is currently working on. Work In Progress includes sixty excerpts from some talented authors’ works in progress in different stages of the writing process, followed up with the story behind the story of the piece, and the story behind the author who wrote it.

Where did the idea come from? What were they thinking during the writing process? Why did they delete a chapter, or change a character?

 Find out the answers to these questions and more inside…


Fifty-nine International Pulpwood Queen and Timber Guy Authors share excerpts of their works in progress and the story behind the stories! 546 pages of great reads! $19.95 + 5.20 tax & s/h


Sharp as a Serpent’s Tooth – Eva and Other Stories

Sharp as a Serpent’s Tooth – Eva and other stories consists of two novellas and three short stories. Each story features a female protagonist, ranging from ten to ninety-five years of age. Set in the south, you’ll follow these young women and girls as they learn that they’re stronger than they ever thought possible. It’s a collection of stories that will have you cheering for snakes and cussin’ in church. $15.00 ($4.05 tax & s/h)


Walking The Wrong Way Home

The stories that make up Walking the Wrong Way Home are a mixture of humor, hard-won battles, and heart-breaking losses. In her debut collection, Mandy Haynes gives a voice to ordinary people and takes you inside their less than ordinary lives. Her love of storytelling shines bright and will have you cheering for saints, sinners, and everyone in between. $15.00 ($4.05 tax & s/h)


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